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Practical Guide On Municipal Property Rates

In this book, leading experts across the property and legal industries debunk myths and unravel misunderstandings surrounding the Municipal Property Rates Act (MPRA) – helping both industry professionals and property owners alike in their knowledge around how property rates are calculated, and what say property owners have in the process.



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About the Authors

Lientjie Ackerman – Professional Valuer in private practise with amongst others, many years of experience as a valuer at Valuation Appeal Boards.

Ben Espach – Professional Valuer with a lifetime of experience in municipal valuations and currently also a Director at Rates Watch Pty Ltd and a member at a Valuation Appeal Board.

Anthonie Viviers – Advocate actively involved in law, who acted as chairperson at most of the Valuation Appeal Boards in the Gauteng region and still being involved at Valuation Appeal Boards in other provinces.


Praise for the Practical Guide on Municipal Property Rates  – 

“The topic related to property rates is a well-known concern amongst property practitioners. Increasing operating expenses, of which property rates represent a large portion, has an impact on the value of properties. This book aims to provide the reader with a better understanding of the different rating and valuation processes. The MPRA is explained in a practical way. SAPOA regards this book not only to be packed with valuable information, supported by case law, but also gives guidance on uncertain matters. It is an essential asset for every property practitioner.”
— Neil Gopal, CEO of SAPOA

“This book is essential for every person involved with the valuation of a property for municipal property rates purposes in South Africa. The Municipal Property Rates Act (MPRA) is unpacked in this valuable book, which should be acquired by property owners, estate agents, valuers, lawyers, property administrators, politicians, and officials in all spheres of government. The book not only serves as an explanation of the MPRA and a handy reference – it is also based on decades of professional experience by the authors. For a clear understanding of the MPRA, this book is a must-read.”
— Kokkie Herman, Director at Rates Watch


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